How it works

1. Join us

    It is easy to sign up, just select a one-off project or subscribe for a minimum of 3-months.

    When you choose the subscription option you will not only save some $$ but your monthly project will be delivered once a month without you having to worry about it. Cancel anytime after the initial 3-months. 

    Cut-off dates 
    Make sure you sign-up by the 20th of the month to receive the coming month's project. If you miss the cut off you will not receive a project until the following month.

    For example: Sally signed up on the 20th of June, her first project will be delivered in the first week of July but Susan signed up on the 21st of June so her first project will not arrive until the first week of August. 

    2. Create & Discover

    Your Hello Sweetheart project will be dispatched on the first Monday of each month & will contain everything you need to make the product of the month. Including packaging, labels, instructions and at least two essential oils so you can personalise your products and discover what works for you.

    3. Share

    Don't forget sharing is caring, invite a friend over, get the kids involved or just tag us on Facebook or Instagram to show us your products and let us know any tips and tricks you have picked up.

    We also have a group on Facebook where you can chat with others about all your Natural DIY adventures - check it out here.

    4. Refill

    When you can't live without homemade products and start running low you will be able to order a refill box. This box will just be the ingredients you need, as you will already have the packaging and skills required to remake any of the projects.

    If you’ve got any questions take a look at out our FAQ's or get in touch.